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Temp Inbox allows you to create a random temporary inbox to receive mail. A temp email address allows you to sign up to sites and services without having to provide your real mail address - protecting your real mail from spam and phishing attacks, while maintaining your privacy.


What is temp mail or disposable mail?

Temporary mail or disposable mail is an email address that is meant to be used for a limited amount of time and then never again. Generaly these mail addresses exist for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Why do I need a temporary mail address?

Many websites will require you to register with a valid mail address, a temporary mail address allows you to register to this site while a) keeping spam away from your real email address; b) protecting your privacy and keeping your private mail address hidden.

How can I send mail from my temporary mail address?

Your Temp Mail is designed only to receive mail. You cannot send emails using temp mail.

Can I receive attachements to my temporary inbox?

Yes. Your temporary mail address at temp-inbox.com allows you to receive and view all attachments without any limitations.

How do I delete my temp mail address?

You can delete your temporary mail address and all the emails in your temporary inbox by hitting the delete button on the homepage.

I would like to report abuse

If you believe that our system was used for abuse you can report it along with the abusers IP and details as to the abuse to abuse [at] temp-inbox.com.

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