Why use Temp Mail

There are several websites on the internet that require your email address to register, however the truth is they don’t really need it. Many websites force you to register with an email address so that they can later bombard you with spam and / or sell your email address over and over again.

There is no reason to give these sites your actual email address, especially if it is for a service or site that you only need to access a few times or sporadically. This is why you should create a temporary mail box to keep your real email address private and avoid being spammed.

The purposes of temporary mail

Your email address is your identity on the internet. When you give out your email address advertisers, and others, can use it track you across the internet.

With your email address advertisers can, and will bombard you with constant emails to your inbox.

Why does every little site you visit need to be able to spam you and track you across the internet? They don’t! This is where temporary mail comes in handy.

With the help of temporary mail you can make some useful manipulations, mainly:

  1. Register on suspicious sites where you need to access information but do not want to protect your privacy remain anonymous.
  2. When you only need to register once to be able to access or download or specific article.
  3. For a site that requires you register your email address to participate in a poll or leave a comment.
  4. To create an account anonymously on a website, platform, or social network.

Advantages of temporary mail

Temp mail has many advantages over traditional email. Most obvious creating a temp email address is just a matter of opening https://temp-inbox.com/ . There is no need to waste time trying to come up with a unique address that hasn’t been taken yet.

Temp email is anonymous and does not require you to provide any of you personal information.