Using Temp Mail for Social Media

When you create an account on a forum or a social media network, like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you are requested to enter your personal information, including your email. Once you have registered and given your email address to the social network they begin to bombard you with emails.

Each of these social networks sends you numerous emails each day, especially if you haven’t logged in a long time and you start receiving emails with titles similar to “Come back John, we miss you”. Your inbox eventually becomes littered with these useless emails.

By using a temporary mail email solution you are fighting spam and protecting your privacy. You can use your temp inbox for spam and keep your real email address free for personal and business emails. Let the spam go to your temporary inbox where it will just get deleted without annoying you or overwhelming your inbox.

Disposable mail services are extremely simple to use and require no registration. Just open the web page in the browser on your computer or mobile device and you’ll get a temporary inbox created for you to use instantaneously.

Because you do not need to enter any personal information, or register in any way, to create your temporary mailbox your privacy is assured. It is important to protect your identity on the internet any using a temporary mailbox is just one of one many steps to help you stay safe.

Actively use temporary mail from, and you will be protected as much as possible.